Manos Grill London

Enjoy Our Food Experience

Guests state that it’s fine to go here for the Portuguese meal. The truth is that you will really enjoy nicely cooked grilled chicken, mixed grill and prawns. It’s a must to taste good wine while coming to this restaurant.

Manos Grill is well known for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. Delicious meals at attractive prices are provided here. Most of the time, this place provides you with the enjoyable atmosphere. This spot is rated on Google 4.5 by its clients.

Manos Grill London

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Open Hours

Monday, 12:30–10pm
Tuesday, 12:30–10pm
Wednesday, 12:30–10pm
Thursday, 12:30–10pm
Friday, 12:30–10pm
Saturday, 12:30–10pm
Sunday, 12:30–10pm


1026 Harrow Rd, London NW10 5NN, United Kingdom



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