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Nail art has been popular for many years, but it has recently gained a new level of popularity thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Nail artists around the world are now using a wide variety of techniques and materials to create intricate and eye-catching designs, including abstract organic shapes.

Abstract organic shapes in nail art are often inspired by natural forms, such as the curves of leaves, the flow of water, or the intricate patterns found in flowers and plants. These shapes can be created using a variety of tools and techniques, including freehand painting, stamping, and using pre-made decals.

One of the most interesting things about abstract organic shapes in nail art is the way they can be used to create a sense of movement and flow on the nails. The curves and undulations of these shapes can help to create a sense of motion and energy, even in a small and static space like a fingernail.

Another benefit of using abstract organic shapes in nail art is the way they can be used to create a sense of balance and harmony. The natural forms and shapes used in these designs can create a sense of calm and tranquility, helping to create a sense of balance in the viewer.

Nail artists are also using abstract organic shapes to create a wide variety of different looks and styles. Some artists are creating abstract designs using a wide range of colors and textures, while others are using a more minimalistic approach with simple shapes and patterns.

1. Cranberry Squiggles

Photo by kubiti.org

This piece’s combination of cranberry, burgundy, and chrome colours is evocative of Jenna Rink’s famed tiny dress. Just think of this as a moodier version of the striking design. You might want to save this abstract nail art concept on your phone and ask your manicurist to make it come to life because of how detailed the lines are.

2. Bright Splashes of Color

Photo by kubiti.org

This abstract manicure is really vibrant, and we like it. What’s best? It’s a simpler nail art design to replicate yourself because it doesn’t emphasise crisp lines as much as it does splotches of colour. Simply choose your colours and begin swatching.

3. Neutral Abstract

Photo by kubiti.org

It’s not necessary for an abstract manicure to be overly colourful just because abstract art is often bolder than other styles. As an example? Gold foil is used to finish off this bare manicure.

4. Matte Abstract

Photo by kubiti.org

You may combine abstract nail art with different fashions. Here, you can see how combining different patterns with the current Skittles manicure trend looks. (Fun fact: You can get rid of the sparkly look of any manicure by coating it with Essie’s Matte About You Top Coat if you don’t have any matte polishes on hand.

5. Terracotta Abstract

Photo by kubiti.org

Want a more natural vibe? You’ll like the cream, terracotta, and olive green tones in this manicure. The squiggles may require a little more practise than the lines, which are rather simple to duplicate.

6. Charcoal Abstract

Photo by kubiti.org

Here’s another simple abstract manicure concept. Polish in shades of milk and green over a base of charcoal. To obtain that shine, remember to topcoat.

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