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One of the simplest ways to restart your appearance is to change your hair, whether you want to go platinum blonde to match your personality or just add highlights to your original hair colour to add dimension. We enjoy keeping up with the most recent hairstyles, and as the new year draws near, we look forward to changing our hue once more. In order to find out what the trendy hair colours will be for 2022, we contacted five hair colorists.

Midnight Brunette

“Megan Fox’s almost-black hair will be a success because it constantly surprises you; in certain lights, you’ll notice glimpses of brown and in others, it will appear like black. This will make it appealing to a wide range of people. Lee asserts that it is perfect for those who have always desired to have darker skin. To get the look on your own at home, she recommends using the Olia Permanent Hair Color in Darkest Brown from Garnier. It does not contain any ammonia and provides just the right amount of shine.

Expensive Blonde

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Everyone will remark that this tint is “hot.” According to Lee, the frosty blonde hue will be in vogue in 2019. In 2022, she predicts, “the double process blonde will be huge.” The most stunning creamy blondes, like Paris Hilton’s, are produced by using only base and highlights.


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Curly kings and queens will have hair colours that are in vogue in 2022. Celebrity hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador George Papanikolas affirms, “Highlighted curls come with the concern of harming the delicate strands and losing the curl pattern, but both may be done.” When hand-painting highlights, keep the placement straightforward: Pick the curls you want to stand out and simply paint them as you want to see them. It’s easy to get lost in all that movement and volume.

Girl-Next-Door Copper

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We love it because it has high school sweetheart feelings. This light strawberry tint is one that Papanikolas particularly likes because it goes well over blonde hair or other red tones. You just need to elevate the base and highlight first if you already have red hair, he advises. “A pale, almost-blonde base colour with copper undertones is the greatest approach to define the tone,”

Cali-Cool Highlights

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Earlier this year, Hailey Bieber convinced us to colour our hair “expensive brunette,” but her new interpretation of barely there highlights is the style that’s sticking around in 2019. “It resembles the familiar and beloved balayage but is darker. With a few carefully placed highlights to frame the face, natural part, and ends, the overall colour is dark/natural “Papanikolas elucidates. In order to make the remaining highlights stand out and soften the contrast between the highlights and base colour, apply depth at the roots and midshaft if your hair is lighter to reverse the standard highlighting procedure.

6. Vivid Overlays

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The upcoming year will be dramatic. According to celebrity hairstylist and wig colorist Cynthia Lumzy, “I’m seeing to see more and more natural colours with vivid highlights, vivid money pieces, and even ombré dipped in vibrant colours.” It is both visually impactful and balanced to combine the vibrant tones’ flash of colour with the natural base’s ability to create depth. She advises utilising Matrix Keep Me Vivid colour lamination spray, shampoo, and conditioner for the best upkeep to keep your vivid hair colour appearing fresh.

Toasted Caramel

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The year 2022 will see everyone reintroducing warmth to their hair, according to New York City-based colorist Jan-Marie Lozada. According to her, adding warm hues like copper, auburn, and caramel will give brown hair more dimension and a richer texture. This approach offers brunette hair a twist. Dark, warm tones typically need less upkeep, making them a convenient yet fashionable choice, she continues.

Auburn Spice

Zoe Deutch has occasionally sported a magnificent auburn, and according to Lee, this colour will be highly popular in the coming year. Lee predicts that “spicing up brunettes and turning them reddish will be big.” “I anticipate this colour trend to be around for a lot longer in 2022.”

Long Ombré

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This trend is for you if “high-maintenance hair” makes you want to flee. According to Lumzy, “it’s made by taking the typical ombré look and enlarging the root area.” In other words, you’re pretty well there if you had highlights last summer and they’re still growing out. Given how little upkeep it requires, Lumzy predicts that this will soon be found everywhere.

Anime Pink

According to Kirsten Stuke, a hair colorist at Sally Hershberger in New York City, “bright, vibrant tones are all the rage for 2022.” Since customers want to express themselves, hot pink will be very in style. Bright pink makes a statement.

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