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Making simply the best pho! Voted Best Pho Restaurant by the Washington City Paper for three consecutive year 2010, 2011, 2012. Need us to say more? Ranked top 10 in the Nation for Best Eats for the Bucks – Forbes 2011


Afghan Kitchen

Established in 2009.

Founded by Tommy Hoang and Hoang LLC, the inspiration of Pho 14 came at the conclusion of the Vietnam War. Tommy’s mother, Nga Nguyen, was well known all over the little town she grew up in for her delicious cooking. Some of her best recipes were vegetarian dishes made especially for her father. Nga, along with her husband, dreamt of opening a family restaurant after the Vietnam War. However, the dream was forsaken as the two were separated at the conclusion of the war. Nga’s husband was imprisoned by the Communist party and his whereabouts were unknown. While Nga waited over four years for her husband’s return, the dream of having a family and opening the restaurant slowly faded away. Even though Nga and her husband were reunited after the four years, their dreams of the restaurant died along with their beloved country. Devoting to keep his family’s history and vision from vanishing, Tommy opened Pho 14 where Nga’s recipes and passion for cooking lives on.

Afghan Kitchen

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