Taco El Jalisciense

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Pint-sized counter serve featuring tacos, burritos & other Mexican street eats in an unfussy space.


Taco El Jalisciense

Delivery & Pickup Options – 176 reviews of Taco El Jalisciense “I happened across this place one day while getting lost on my way back from the unemployment office. When you’re on your way back from the unemployment office, you’re looking for good, you’re looking for filling, but most importantly, you’re looking for cheap. Fortunately, this place hit on all three points, good, filling and cheap. Really, it is just your basic taco stand, probably A-Ok at 3 stars, but I’ve giving it an extra star just because it’s wedge-shaped, on one of those sharp corners you find along the diagonal streets. Gotta give props to places that make good use of those buildings.”

Taco El Jalisciense

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2859 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States



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